Supreme Kinks LUX Package

Supreme Kinks LUX Package

from 325.00

Mongolian Virgin Human Hair with tight springy curls. It is soft, bouncy, lightweight, and full of natural softness and sheen. It is the perfect match for 4B/4C Curls! The bundles weigh about 3.5oz and comes in natural black.

Please note that our kinky curly hair length is measured while the hair is pulled straight. When selecting your desired length, don’t forget to take curl shrinkage into account.

All bundle deals include 2 or 3 bundles. Each length listed within each option corresponds to 1 bundle in that length. For example, if purchasing a 18/20/22, you are ordering 1 bundle of each length totaling 3 bundles. If you would like to purchase any other combination of lengths please email

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